This Is A Mom's World

This Is A Mom's World
We’ve partnered with Ma’am Shoes to create a limited-edition Mother’s Day collection in support of mothers as we build back better from the pandemic.   This collection includes slide shoes, joggers, a crewneck sweater, and enamel pins adorned with recognition for all the moms to celebrate the strength and resilience of mothers and seize this moment to demand lasting change. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to support the United State of Women (USOW) and their fight to create a world in which women and all people of marginalized genders can thrive, especially mothers and families.
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Shop Crewneck SweatshirtShop Unisex JoggersShop Enamel Pin SetWe need to center mothers in our plans to build back better from the pandemic.
Call to Action
  • Pledge to stand with moms and sign USOW's petition calling on Congress to deliver on five key policies women and moms need to survive and thrive.
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In collaboration with: Ma'am Shoes | We're on a mission to make elevated,  everyday shoes for modern women. The United State of Women aims to create a world in which women and all people of marginalized genders can thrive.   Through education, community, and action, USOW amplifies issues at the intersection of gender and racial justice and galvanizes organizations, public figures, elected officials, and everyday feminists of all genders to drive policy and culture change.