Dismantle systems that perpetuate ableism

Support neurodiverse folks and those with mental disturbances

Fight to transform mental health care system + society

Fight for self discrimination, opportunity, and equity for all disabled folks

Build and support community-based, grassroots, peer support services

Amplify the experiences of folks with lived experience across the disability spectrum

Fight to ensure access to voting, communications, public transit and affordable, integrated housing

Fight for accessability for all


Proceeds benefit orgs fighting for disability rights.

“The revolution will be accessible or it’s no revolution at all.”

Mia Mingus

Writer & Educator


Immediate Actions To Take:+

  • Call Your Reps to Support HR 3 to Reduce Prescription Drug Prices.
  • Take These Actions provided by Anti-Racism Daily — 
    • Volunteer for Protest Access, a volunteer collective focused on Black Lives Matter and anti-racism related content on social media that provides captioning, transcription, and visual descriptions as requested.
    • Save the Disability COVID-19 Healthcare Support Advocacy Hotline number, a resource created by the Disability Underground Network for those with disabilities that need COVID-19 related medical advocacy or other support: 1-800-626-4959.
    • If you see medical malpractice against people of disabilities, report it. Here is a list of contacts for each state in the U.S.
  • Conduct an accessibility audit in your life — (words provided by Mia Mingus and @thecomradecloset) 
    • If you create images to share, especially infographics, please provide image descriptions along with graphics to download/share. It helps to remind people about access and allows them to make your content accessible. Disability justice is a practice. 
    • If you have a website for the campaign you're sharing about, have the image descriptions right next to the graphic so folks can download/copy it. If not, put them in the caption or let folks know they can DM you for them. 
    • This goes for videos, too. Please caption your videos. And whenever possible, share the most accessible version. No more of this, "DM me for the captioned version." If you have a captioned version of a video, then that is the one you share. 
  • In your daily life: 
    • Push back against the ableist demand that someone must be a "productive member of society" in order to deserve life. 
    • Defy the ways in which ableism asks us to disconnect from our bodies.

Organizations To Support + Follow:+

Educate Yourself + Keep Showing Up:+

    • Watch + Listen — 
      • Contra — Podcast
      • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution — Netflix
      • Disability Justice is Black Liberation by Movement For Black Lives — IG Live Recording 
      • Disability Visibility — Podcast
      • Find Another Dream by Maysoon Zayid — Audible
      • My Body Doesn’t Oppress Me, Society Does — Vimeo
      • Popaganda: Women and Pain — Podcast
      • Power Not Pity — Podcast 
      • Sins Invalid: An Unshamed Claim to Beauty — New Day Films
      • The Ability to Live: What Trump’s Health Cuts Mean for People with Disabilities — Vimeo
      • The Power of 504 — Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund via YouTube
      • Tips and Tricks on How to Be Sick — Podcast

NOTE: Our focus areas are informed by community input. If there is an issue you'd like to see included or would like to share input, please email us at info@the-outrage.com with questions, comments, or concerns on our focus areas. We'd love to hear from you.

This is an incomplete and growing list. Last updated Jan 26, 2022.