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Two notes before diving in! First, we will be using "Latinx" throughout this Issue Page and our work more broadly as compared to Latino/a, Latin@, Latine, Hispanic, etc. While only 3% of adults who self-identify as Hispanic or Latino use ‘Latinx,’ we and others* believe this term is the most inclusive representation of all genders and Black and Indigenous folks (Pew Research Center*). We’ve linked some articles below to dive deeper!
Second note - While immigration and documentation status is an issue within the Latinx community, notably the Latinx community is the largest population of immigrants in the US and conversations about immigration typically center the US Southern border, we don’t want to conflate Latinx Rights with Immigrant Rights and encourage you to look at our Immigrant Rights Issue Page for more info. Happy diving!

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Address the root cause of Latin American climate devastation and migration

Build Latinx political power, fight voter suppression, and expand voting rights for noncitizens

Decrease income inequality and promote gender-based policies that support Latinx people

Dismantle racial stereotypes in the workforce and ensure frontline worker safety and protections

End detention and family separation policies

End police brutality, racial profiling, and unjust surveillance

Ensure access to high-quality education, affordable housing, and robust healthcare

Fight for racial equity and include Latinx experiences within fights for racial justice

Invest in green spaces and climate resilient infrastructure in vulnerable and frontline communities

Promote access to culturally and linguistically competent resources

Center, uplift, and defend Indigenous communities


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“In order to build the movements capable of transforming our world, we have to do our best to live with one foot in the world we have not yet created.“
— Aurora Levins Morales


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Immediate Actions To Take: -

Organizations To Support + Follow:-

Educate Yourself + Keep Showing Up: -

  • Articles —
    • 7 Invasive Things People Tell Afro-Latinxs (And Why You Must Stop Saying Them) — Alan Pelaez Lopez via Everyday Feminism
    • An Open Secret: How My Queerness is Tied to Lesbians of Puerto Rico’s Past — Mercedes Viera via Refinery29
    • Hispanics And Latinos Are The Biggest Moviegoers. The Big Screen Doesn't Reflect That — Emma Bowman via NPR
    • How colonialism and racism explain the inept US response to Hurricane Maria — Carrie Gibson via Vox
    • How colonialism and racism explain the inept US response to Hurricane Maria — Carrie Gibson via Vox
    • I Grew Up Latinx & Disabled — & I’m Creating The Change I Want To See — Conchita Hernández Legorreta via Refinery29
    • In Puerto Rico, A History Of Colonization Led To An Atrocious Lack of Reproductive Freedom — Raquel Reichard via Refinery29
    • “Latinidad Is Cancelled”: Confronting an Anti-Black Construct — Tatiana Flores via University of California Press
    • Latinx Is A Term Many Still Can't Embrace — Marisa Peñaloza via NPR
    • Lessons From an Immigrant Rights Organizer: We Are Not Our ‘Productivity’ — Alan Pelaez Lopez via Rewire
    • Majority of Latinos Say Skin Color Impacts Opportunity in America and Shapes Daily Life — Luis Noe-Bustamante, Ana Gonzalez-Barrera, Khadijah Edwards, Lauren Mora, and Mark Hugo Lopez via Pew Research Center
    • Meet the survivors of a ‘paper genocide’ — Jorge Baracutei Estevez via National Geographic
    • No, I’m Not A Proud Latina — Dash Harris via Refinery29
    • Puerto Rico’s Status Debate Must Be Settled by Puerto Ricans — Alexandra-Marie Figueroa Miranda via Teen Vogue
    • The Air We Move Through​: Rhetoric, Bureaucracy, and the Immigration Debate — Elisa Gonzalez via The Drift
    • The DC Punk Scene Relied on the Local Latinx Community — Mike Amezcua via Teen Vogue
    • The History of Forced Sterilization in the United States — Kathryn Krase via Our Bodies Ourselves
    • The X In Latinx Is A Wound, Not A Trend — Alan Pelaez Lopez via ColorBloq Unpack the term “Hispanic” — Anti-Racism Daily
    • What HIV Testing is Like When You Are Queer, Black and Undocumented — Alan Pelaez Lopez via BGD
    • What The Green Scarf Means In The Fight For Reproductive Rights — Frances Solá-Santiago via Refinery29
Choose to support racial justice every day.
Educate yourself.
Donate money (if you can).
Have difficult conversations.
Take political action.
Be actively anti-racist.

NOTE: Our focus areas are informed by community input. If there is an issue you'd like to see included or would like to share input, please email us at with questions, comments, or concerns on our focus areas. We'd love to hear from you.
Last updated September 1, 2022.