The Good Life

Making a better world starts with living your Good Life. The Good Life x The Outrage.
Shop the collection. A portion of all proceeds from The Good Life collection benefits orgs fighting for mental wellness for all.
Additionally, with the purchase of $100 or more from The Good Life collection, you’ll receive Jess Weiner’s WTF is Success?!? Course for FREE + a 50% coupon for a friend who wants to join you in living The Good Life.
Meet Jess | Jess Weiner is a Cultural Expert + Creative who has spent over 26 years researching and educating on cultural trends in order to help people feel seen, heard & understood. She is a bestselling author, podcast host and speaker. Jess consults with Fortune 500 companies, such as Dove, Barbie, and Nike, to help them become more inclusive and culturally fluent.  Jess is also the producer and creator of online courses called The Good Life,  a collection of courses and products that aims to help you design a life that you love on your own terms.  Jess’s newest Good Life course is: WTF is… Success?!?, which helps learners understand what is getting in the way of living a Good Life.  From families + personal relationships to hustle culture, perfectionism, + negative self-talk (or what we call, Dominant Stories), this creative, interactive, and practical course helps you create the life YOU want to live.
Photo of Jaime Veron and her book, beside it is a quote that reads, “As someone who has been in the depths of mental crisis many times, it means the world to me to collaborate with Jess and The Outrage for Mental Health Awareness Month. It's an important and vital thing to discuss, especially within the activist community. I've always admired Jess, and she inspired so much of my early journey into body acceptance—and I'm so glad her activism continues to be such a force in the world. Combining mental health awareness with activism is so necessary and I'm grateful for the opportunity to do so with The Outrage.”
Photo of Karen Walrond and her book, besides it is a quote that reads, “I never apologize for embracing joy and beauty — even when the world is falling apart — because joy and beauty are my fuel for activism.  And there is nothing more joyful and beautiful than partnering with like-minded souls who feel the same — which is why working with Jess Weiner and The Outrage is such a wonderful gift.”
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