Policy Reform

Join the movement to make DC the 51st state with 51 votes in the Senate via 51 for 51

  • Educate Yourself + Keep Showing Up:
    • Articles —
      • Abolish the Electoral College — Anti-Racism Daily
      • Biden Can Advance Racial Justice, but Only if Democratic Senators Ditch an Old Tradition by Chirstopher Kang — USA Today
      • Can We Please Pick the President by Popular Vote Now? By Jesse Wegman — NYTimes
      • Congress Must Pass H.R.1 Now — Demos
      • Eliminate the Senate Filibuster to Save Democracy — Indivisible 
      • HR 51 Bill — 116th Congress 
      • It’s Time to Abolish the Electoral College by Darrell M. West — Brookings Institute
      • Our Plan to Save the Supreme Court — Demand Justice 
      • Reform the Supreme Court — Demand Justice
      • Should the U.S. Get Rid of the Electoral College? By Natalie Proulx — NYTimes
      • The Case for Statehood — #ShowUpForDC
      • The Definitive Case for Ending the Filibuster by Ezra Klein — Vice
      • The Electoral College is a Confusing Mess by Jesse Wegman — NYTimes
      • Washington, DC Deserves Statehood by Susan E. Rice — NYTimes 
      • We Must Unrig the Courts — People's Parity Project
      • What is Court Packing? by Amber Phillips — Washington Post
      • What is the Senate Filibuster and what would it take to eliminate it? By Molly E. Reynolds — Brookings Institute 
      • Why Statehood for DC — DC Gov
      • The End of the Filibuster - No, Really by Ronald Brownstein — The Atlantic
    • Watch — 
      • Listen: 51st from What’s With Washington — NPR 
      • Listen: Is It Possible to Expand the Supreme Court? — NPR
      • Watch: DC Vote — Youtube 
      • Watch: Expanding the Supreme Court, Explained — Now This 
      • Watch: Whose Vote Counts — Netflix

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      This is an incomplete and growing list. Last updated Feb 24, 2021.