Elections 2022

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  • Educate Yourself + Keep Showing Up:
    • Articles — 
      • 2022 midterm election coverage shouldn't repeat this mistake when it comes to women — NBC
      • Alabama’s New Electoral Lines are Racially Gerrymandered - Here’s Why  ACLU
      • COVID-19 Changes How We Vote. It could also change who votes. by Mike Baker — NYTimes 
      • For Racial Justice, Employees Need Paid Hours Off for Voting by Sendhil Mullainathan — NYTimes 
      • How To Get Involved in Local Politics — Marie Claire 
      • If the Biden Administration Is Serious About Protecting Voting Rights, Here's What It Should Do Immediately  TIME
      • It’s Past Time to Grant D.C. Statehood  CAP
      • New York Moves to Allow 800,000 Noncitizens to Vote in Local Elections  NYTimes
      • The Facts About Mail-In Voting and Voter Fraud by Mike Baker — NYTimes 
      • Voting Rights in the Era of Mass Incarceration: A Primer  Sentencing Project
      • Voter Suppression Laws Cost Americans Their Voices at the Polls — CAP
      • Washington, DC Deserves Statehood by Susan Rice — NYTimes
    • Watch — 
      • 537 Votes HBO
      • All In: The Fight for Democracy Prime Video
      • John Lewis: Good Trouble Prime Video
      • Knock Down The House — Netflix 
      • Slay the Dragon Prime Video
      • Whose Vote Counts, Explained Netflix 

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This is an incomplete and growing list. Last updated Jan 16, 2022.