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Ways You Can Become a Better LGBTQIA+ Ally — Protect Trans Kids

Anti-trans bills are emerging across U.S. state legislatures, most of which are targeting trans youth. And when Republican lawmakers aren’t going after trans kids, governors and state agencies are filling in. This post will explore the GOP strategies behind these attacks, an overview of what recent legislation means, and ways we can stand up and fight back.

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Gifts For Activists

Shopping for quality gifts for family and friends deeply involved in community organizing and activism can be tough! It can be easy to overthink this, so we’re sharing some basic tips to get you started and some suggestions to inspire you!

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Guidelines of Social Media Activism

This post aims to walk through uses of social media in activism—leaning heavily on examples from movements over the last ten years and pros and cons of using social media in these ways, to create guidelines to shape how we use social media moving forward. 

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