Marie Curie Magnetic Puppet

Marie Curie Magnetic Puppet


The Outrage is an official partner and stands in solidarity with both the March for Science (April 22nd, 2017) and the People's Climate Movement (April 29th, 2017).

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The message: Marie Curie and her husband Pierre received a joint Nobel Prize in Physics along with Henri Becquerel. Then in 1911 she became the first person to win two Nobel Prizes (the second was in Chemistry) for discovering two new radioactive elements: polonium (named after Marie's native Poland) and radium. In her acceptance speech, Marie shared the award with her husband, who in 1906 had been killed in an accident. 

In 1944, in honor of Marie and Pierre, the team discovering number 96 (Cm) on the Periodic Chart of Elements named the new element curium. 

The magnet: The magnetic personality is about 4" tall and is magnetized so it can double as a refrigerator magnet.