'Boobs' Shower Curtain
'Boobs' Shower Curtain

'Boobs' Shower Curtain


The message: Boobs are wonderful and the pattern on this dopp kit celebrates them.

15% of profits to Planned Parenthood.

The shower curtain: A "Boobs" shower curtain to match your "Boobs" Towel.

The shower curtains measures 72" by 72"
The fabric is a Cotton Linen blend
Button holes for "rack rings"

Please note: this shower curtain is two pieces of fabric sewn together so there is a seam. 

We recommend using this with a shower curtain liner. 

The artist: Gravel & Gold is a design collective and shop in San Francisco, California. Their line of clothing, accessories, and home goods features handmade prints. The styles are intended to be simple and re-appear in different fabrics as the seasons go on. They hope that the joy experienced in making these goods carries on for the bearer down the line.