Mental Wellness

Photo of Are You OK? Necklace with Mental Wellness text repeated.The task is clear: to create a culture of caretaking in which no one and nowhere is thrown away, in which the inherent value of people and all life is foundational. — Naomi KleinKEY ISSUES: Ensure affordable, accessible, and person-centered mental health resources, treatment options, and support that promotes wellness for all; Oppose the criminalization of mental illness that places law enforcement on the front lines of mental illness crisis response, turns jails and prisons into the new asylums, and sends marginalized youth to the juvenile justice system; Increase the use of mental health professionals trained in de-escalation and intervention to be dispatched for mental health emergencies; End practices that worsen mental health like conversion therapy, solitary confinement, restraints, and seclusion; Expand mental health crisis response systems in every community, including suicide prevention and access to crisis care; Address historic disinvestment and resource gaps in marginalized communities and how housing, employment, transportation, and other determinants affect health equity; Support prevention and early intervention measures, including mental health care in schoolsThe MerchDive Depper + Act Now

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  • Articles —  
    • 8 Lessons That Show How Emotional Labor Defines Women’s Lives — Kai Cheng Thom via Everyday Feminism
    • A History of Self-Care From its radical roots to its yuppie-driven middle age to its election-inspired resurgence. — Aisha Harris via Slate
    • A Not-So-Brief Personal History of the Healing Justice Movement, 2010–2016 — Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha via Mice Magazine
    • Care at Scale: Bodies, Agency, and Infrastructure — Debbie Chachra via Comment
    • Caring for Ourselves as Political Warfare — adrienne maree brown via her blog
    • Healing Justice: Building Power, Transforming Movements — Susan Raffo via Astrea Foundation
    • Healing Justice Practice Spaces: A How-To Guide — Autumn Brown & Maryse Mitchell-Brody via Just Healing
    • If Your Goal In Therapy Is To ‘be Happy,’ You Might Want To Rethink That. Here’s Why. — Sam Dylan Finch via Everyday Feminism
    • Invest in AAPI mental health — Antiracism Daily
    • Is Self-Care an Act of Political Warfare? Hell yes, we can get on board with that. — Rituparna Som via Vice
    • Is It Time to Abandon the Term “Climate Anxiety”? — Isobel Whitcomb via Yes Magazine
    • Living With Multiple Mental Illnesses: 7 Things To Know & How To Be a Better Ally — Mihran Nersesyan via The Body Is Not An Apology
    • Mental-Health Services Come to Women’s Tennis, Inspired by Osaka — Lucas Shaw via Bloomberg
    • Most Habit-Change Tools Fail With Anxiety—Here’s One that Works — Judson Brewer via mindful
    • My Ancestors and the Cells That Bind Me to Them — Adiba Nelson via Parents
    • Reflections from Detroit: Transforming Wellness & Wholeness — Cara Page via INCITE’s Blog
    • ‘Self-Care’ Isn’t the Fix for Late-Pandemic Malaise — Jamil Zaki via The Atlantic
    • Support Black mental health — Antiracism Daily
    • There is No Self Care without Community Care — by Aimaloghi Eromosele via URGE
    • What the Global AIDS Crisis Can Teach Us About Our Approach to Mental Illness — Dr. Ashwin Vasan via Common Dreams
  • Watch — 
    • Mental Health at the Intersections of Drug Use and Sex Work — Fireweed Collective
    • Nanette — Netflix
    • Radical Self Care: Angela Davis — YouTube
    • The Social Dilemma — Netflix


This is an incomplete and growing list. Last updated May 21st, 2022.