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Radical change requires radical transparency. Therefore, we're allowing you to choose what you pay with full transparency that it costs us $50/person per month for us to keep the space open. Regardless of what you pay, you receive the same experience and access to the space, perks, + amenities. Every individual that pays more than $50/month helps us subsidize the cost for other individuals. Pretty nifty stuff!

Membership Tiers
Regardless of what you choose to pay, everyone receives the same experience, perks + amenities. We're all about accessibility + inclusivity, baby. How cool is that?!

Membership Model
We asked our community what they wanted out of a community space and they answered. We wanted to create a space where our community feels ownership of the space. Activism is rooted in community building which is rooted in relationship building. We do not want this space to be a transient space but instead to be a space people invest into. But, we're also rooted in inclusivity, which is why we provide day passes and event passes for non-members.

Why isn't it free?
Since day one, we've donated with EVERY. SINGLE. PURCHASE. to progressive orgs, and we don't plan on stopping anytime soon. The community space cannot exist without a membership fee, and it allows us to create a space that is accessible to all by providing services like ASL translators, childcare at events, subsidized membership costs, and more. If you have an issue paying for a membership fee, please apply and write in an amount that is affordable for you.

A better question is "What events don't occur in the space?" Our events are just as diverse as our community in both subject matter and format. Hey, events are on the spectrum, too. You can expect anything and everything from open mic nights, monthly yoga, lobbying trainings, workshops on how to run for office, and SO. MUCH. MORE. Got an idea for an event you'd like to see in the space? Shoot us an email at

You betcha! Please email and a member of our events team will circle back shortly. Yay to events!

Kid Policy
We think they're pretty stinkin' cool, since they're our future and all. Kiddos are always welcome in the space whether they're big or small. Any kiddos under the age of 18 years old will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian though (blame the government, not us!). We also offer childcare services at our events—just make sure to RSVP within 48 hours so we can accommodate!

The best in town! We got that good wifi so you can stay woke, and we promise to always have a funny password for ya.

Out of town
WHAT. AN. AMAZING. QUESTION! We have many individuals from out of town that write-in an amount for monthly membership. This is HUGE as it helps us keep an awesome space like this open + operating. If you're interested in supporting us remotely, just fill out an application and a member of our staff will be in touch shortly to thank you profusely for your support! Furthermore, we're growing pretty dang fast and will be heading to a city near you soon. Drop us a line and let us know where you want the next hub for activism to open up!